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Year 5

Year 5

Week Commencing 18th October




This week we will continue to work on our model text, looking at the effect on the reader and different sentence types. Then we will plan (box up) new stories for our Innovation.



This week, we will be  moving on to addition and subtraction next week. To begin with, we will work on adding two 4-digit numbers. Understanding the process of exchange is a key factor in success in column addition and subtraction so that will be a big focus for our learning.


This week in IPC ..

Our current unit of learning  is Fairgrounds. We will be finding out about different forces and how they affect the objects around us. The forces we have been learning about include gravity, water and air resistance and friction.


Parents can help their child by…

*Recapping the passport tasks for your child's next passport.

*Encouraging them to continue to develop speed and accuracy in times tables and division facts for up to 12x12.



Home work will be scheduled each week using Google Classroom

Please check that your child knows their log in details.



Children are expected to read at home to an adult at least three times a week

Spellings are given out each week for the children to learn.

Please encourage children to log in to their TTRockstars account to complete their challenges.