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Year 4

Monday 28th June


In Maths 

we will be converting units of measure focusing on length and weight. We will also be solving one and two step problems involving these areas of measure.

In English 

we will be using our facts that we found out about the komodo dragon to write a discussion text. They will be structuring their texts in the form of a for and against argument to provide a balance.


the children will be investigating solids, liquids and gases.

You can help your child by

  • Continuing to practise times tables and related division facts.

  • Listening to them read at least three times a week. Please make sure you also sign their planner when they have read. It's also really beneficial when you read to your child.

  • Practise their spelling skills. They have spellings in their planners that they should learn. Generally these spellings are grouped and relate to a particular spelling pattern or rule.

  • Ensuring that they have their PE kit.

  • Maple have PE on Tuesday and swimming on Friday.

  • Cedar have PE on Thursday  and swimming on Wednesday.

  • Birch have PE on Wednesday and swimming on Monday.


 This week they have reading homework using their Queen Victoria text that they had previously.