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Year 3

Week beginning: 14.10.19




In Maths this week,

This week we will conclude our work on Place Value. We are reviewing what we have learnt about Place Value so far and applying our skills in word problems of real life situations and problems.


We will also look at angles, identifying right angles, acute and obtuse angles

In English this week,


We are working on poetry. Using 'The Magic Box' by Kit Wright, we will look at some of the features of poetry. We will create a class poem and individual poems.



In IPC this week

We are starting a new unit this week: Saving the world. Within this unit (which runs for the next two months) we will be looking at the world's rainforests, finding out where they are and why they are important. We will learn about animals, plants and rocks of the rainforest. We will also investigate how and why rainforests are being destroyed and how people are trying to conserve them.

You can help your child... 


You can help your child by:

  • Reading regularly at home. Don't forget to write in their planner when they've read
  • Helping them to learn their spellings each week
  • Supporting them to complete their learning log
  • Practising their times tables