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Year 3

Week beginning:13.05.19




In Maths this week,

This week we will continue to focus on measure. We have already explored concepts relating to:

1. Length- converting units of measure i.e. millimetres, centimetres, metres and kilometres

2. Mass-converting units of measure i.e. grams and kilograms

 We will be moving forward this week by exploring concepts of

*capacity and Volume


For this unit on measure children need to be secure in their knowledge of multiplying by 10, 100 and 1000. They should understand how the digits shift either side of the decimal point when divided/ multiplied. To understand tis further, children need a secure understanding of the place value system and visualise the movement of the digits using a place value mat.

In English this week,

This week we will continue to focus on Non-Chronological reports:

1. factual information

2. 3rd person pronoun

3. present verb tense


Children will benefit from exploring a range of non-chronological reports such as fact files

In IPC this week

Our IPC topic this term focus is 'Feel the Force' for which children will explore force and gravity through a wide range of practical activities.

You can help your child... 

Our year group targets.

Children to:

  1. Read   to an adult 3 times a week-Comments on how your child has read, should be written in their individual pupil planners. We will be inserting Reading Reminder stickers in Pupil Planners so please do check your child's planners. Unfortunately there are a large volume of pupils who do not have their planners signed, please ensure planners are signed after each occasion.
  2. Spelling: Learn the weekly spellings using a range of strategies. Aim to achieve above 50%. Unfortunately there are a large volume of children who are not using the 'Look, Cover Write' pages to learn their spelling resulting in low spelling results.
  3. Learning Logs: Complete learning logs and remembering to submit it on time (Thursdays). Learning logs are now focusing on Maths and English which will be alternating each week.
  4. Swimming: Swimming kits must be bought in to ensure children are not missing this great opportunity.  
  5. Reading books to be returned once read. Many children are taking reading books from class but are not returning them. This impacts the number of books that they will be able to loan. All library books have a code inside the front cover.


A kind reminder:

  • We would like to remind parents to clearly label all items (uniform, bottles and lunch bags) as it would be easier to locate and reunite any missing items.
  • MyMaths: Children will have the chance to log on to MyMaths during their ICT lessons but please encourage them to complete some of the tasks at home.

Learning Log

This week the children will be writing a recount of their trip to Planet Ice.

Due to late submission of homework and in some circumstance, homework not being attempted, children have received extra homework. We have also directed specific individuals to attend our Monday afternoon homework clubs.