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Year 3

Main focus of the week


Learning Logs: We have now completed our AZ of the Learning log and would like to thank all the pupils and parents alike who have been involved in creating some outstanding pieces of work. 


The focus this week will be based on the Queen's Jubilee celebrations where we would like the children to write an account based on If I were a Queen or King for the day. 


The children will need to focus on producing neat text with accurate spelling, infused with imagination and rich vocabulary. Furthermore, they should try and extend themselves further by presenting their account in a royal scroll.


All pieces of work will be displayed in our Jubilee celebrations for the whole school to see. For further guidance, please refer to the instructions in the Learning Logs.


Spelling: Please refer to your child's pupil planner for the current spelling list.








Week beginning: 23.05.22




This week we will be focusing on adding and subtracting fractions.


In English this week,

We will now be continuing with our unit on Non-Chronological Report where we will be exploring features through our model text. The book we will be using is called 'The Land of NeverBelieve' by Norman Messenger


There still will be a focus on grammar, presentation, and spelling for example

1. capital letters: the beginning of sentences and proper nouns

2. Full stops at the end of sentences.

3. commas in a list and after fronted adverbials.

4.persuasive features such as emotive language, exaggeration, jingles slogan and wordplay

5. structure and form of an advertisement

In IPC this week

Our topic this term is all about time, place, Earth and space, where children will be given opportunities to:

  1. Learn that position of the sun appears to change during the course of a day and that shadows change as a result
  2. Learn that the sun provides the light and heat necessary for the earth and that the sun, earth and moon are approximately spherical
  3. Explore that objects form shadows when they block the passage of light from a source
  4.  Test ideas using evidence from observation and measurement 
  5.  Investigate different materials which let through light
  6. Use secondary sources to obtain geographical information

  7. Know how particular localities have been affected by natural features and processes

  8. Use maps at a variety of scales to locate the position and geographical features of

    particular localities

  9. To design and make products to meet specific needs

  10. Know that they belong to different groups, have different home countries and different


You can help your child... 


You can help your child by:

  • Reading regularly at home. We expect children to read to an adult for 10 minutes a day to develop their fluency and comprehension. To do this it's good to ask them questions about what they've read too. Don't forget to write in their planner when they've read.
  • Helping them to learn their spellings each week- spelling will be given on a weekly basis. Children are expected to not only learn how to spell but to comprened the word i.e to define it. YOu can challenge your child further by encouraging them to use a dictionary and use the word in a sentence. 
  • Supporting them to complete their learning log which is due in by Thursday
  • Practising their times tables. They can use the new Times Tables Rock Stars for this too. We also have a new game Numbots (with the same username and password as TT Rock Stars) to help them learn  number bonds.
  • School and PE Uniform: Please visit our website to familarise yourself with our uniform expectations specifically the PE kits. Children must have all their uniform items clearly labelled with their names, trainers for outdoor games and plimsoles for indoor activities. Please ensure that the children either bring in their PE kits on the days for PE (Thursday and Fridays) or alternatively they can leave their sports bag on their pegs. 


Homework Expectations



  • Children are expected to read 3 times a week for 10 minutes to an adult.
  • The adult should include a short comment on how they have read with reference to page number in the pupil planner would be appreciated.
  • All pupil planners are collected every Friday to monitor reading, this is a great oipportunity for children to earn extra housepoints. 



  • Spelling is given to children weekly and these can be found stuck in the 'spelling' section of the pupil planners.
  • Children are expected to learn the spellings, choose 3 words and write a sentence each containing the new word.
  • To challenge your child further, please introduce them to a dictionary so that they learn how to use, locate and define each word. They could write the word and definition too.
  • Children will be tested the following week.


Learning Logs:

  • Learning Logs are given out every Friday, where they focus on a letter of  the alphabet each week. As a class, we generate a list of ideas for the children to focus on during the week.
  • The learning logs are collected on a Thursday where they are marked. Each star represents a housepoint as below:
  1. Silver star = 1 housepoint
  2. gold star = 2 housepoints
  3. a colour star refers to the learning log not returned on the day specified, though it acknowledges that we have seen it and rewarded the child verbally.

As the Learning Logs are returned, we do a short presentation so that the children can see eachothers efforts and magpie ideas on presentation, different ways in which they can present their work and what constitutes to a gold star or EVEN a DOUBLE gold star worth 4 HOUSEPOINTS.


Please refer to the instructions stuck inside the front cover of the book please for further support.