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Inclusion at Ferrars

· All have a responsibility to ensure equality of opportunity

· We believe that children have a right to an education

· We acknowledge that inclusive teaching enriches the experience of all children

· All are committed to delivering teaching and learning that sets high expectations of everyone

· We recognise that all teachers have a responsibility for all learners in their class

· We believe that effective teaching and learning is the key to successful inclusion

· We support the concept of personalising learning to ensure that children make optimum progress

· We recognise that in working together, evaluating and reflecting upon our practice, we can learn from each other and increase our capacity to be inclusive

Welcome to our Inclusion Team page.


At Ferrars Junior School we want to make sure children are happy, secure and successful. Sometimes children or their families may need some extra help to achieve this. At Ferrars, there is a team of adults in school who organise and provide additional support for parents, carers and children. Children are given every opportunity to participate in all aspects of school life and are encouraged to take part in extra-curricular clubs, residential trips and all sporting activities.


Mrs McDade is our school Inclusion Manager. She works closely with your child’s teachers to track your child’s progress in school and organise extra support if your child is not achieving the expected level of progress. This support may be provided by adults in school or specialists from outside of school such as Speech and Language Therapists. I am a Mental Health Champion at the school.


If you think your child may need additional support or if you are worried about your child’s progress please talk to your child's class teacher or to Mrs McDade.


Mrs McCullagh is our Family Worker and Mrs Herdman, our Assistant Family Worker. They work with parents, carers and teachers to identify children who are having difficulties and may need emotional support. They run groups for children to help them cope with change and challenging situations.  Mrs McCullagh is a Mental Health Champion at the school.


The Inclusion Team also monitor pupil attendance and meet with the Education Welfare Officer to discuss any concerns.