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Week 9

Week 9 - 27th November 2013


Please see photographs below.


Present: Clay; Jarrell; Elise; Patryk; Mrs Dorey


We decided it was time to let our worms go free again and when we tipped them out we found that they had grown much bigger than when we put them into the wormery.


Before we started digging the allotments, we filled the bird feeders with seed and fat balls.  We found suitable trees to hang them on.  We will need to keep on filling them throughout the cold weather.


We each took a fork and learned how to use it safely.  First of all each person in turn used their fork while Mrs Dorey explained how to do it and watched and made sure it was safe.  Then everyone dug their own part of the plot.  Some of the digging work was really good and showed a growing experience.  We were aiming to turn the weedy soil upside down, so that the unwanted vegetation becomes “green manure”.