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Week 4

Week 4 - 16 October 2013


Please see photographs below.


Present: Clay; Theo; Anisa; Ibrahim; Mrs Dorey


We read about what we did last week and we decided to wait until after half term before making our wormery in case the worms die over the holiday.


We were pleased the rain had stopped so that our gardening session wasn't spoilt.


We got some rakes out of the shed as we needed to rake over everything to get rid of the little weeds which had started to grow. When we got to the part where we had planted everything we were very careful and used the hand tools to clear that part.


This week we sowed some leaf salad. First we had to make a line across the plot to sow into. This is called a drill. We put winter lettuce seed in one half and French and Italian salad leaf seed in the other. We hope they won't mind the cold weather which will come soon. Mr Bailey helped us to get round this by cutting up some big plastic milk bottles for us to use as cloches.


We noticed how tiny the seeds were compared to the marigold seeds we sowed last week. We found some even bigger seeds on another allotment. They were runner bean seeds and we wondered if we could sow them next year.


After we had labelled all our rows we tidied up by washing our tools and putting them away.