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Week 3

Week 3 - 9 October 2013


Please see photographs below.


Present: Clay; Faris; Qasin; Mrs Dorey


We started off by raking the plot over the unplanted part because since last time lots of little weeds had started growing. Then we hand hoed and raked the bit around our plants to get rid of all the weeds there.  We were surprised how many weeds had started growing. The tools we used were rakes, a hand hoe and a hand cultivator.


Then we were ready to plant a row of onions in the space we had left between the garlic and the cabbages. We were pleased to see how big our cabbage plants had become, and also to see how the garlic had sprouted through the ground.


Lastly we set out four spinach plants and sprinkled some marigold seeds so that we encourage the bees in the spring. Later on we will put some more kinds of flowers in so that we bring bees and hover flies to our plot.


After we had done all this work, it was time for the boys to take it in turns digging out the compost heap into the wheelbarrow, wheeling it to the plot and raking the fresh compost all over the unplanted part.


The plot looked good when we had finished.