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Week 27

Week 27: 21 May 2014


Present: Clay; Anmol; Zarah; Beatrice; Mizbah; Muddassira; Kyle; Mrs Dorey


We had a busy time as there were so many plants which needed setting out before we break up for half term.


We had sown carrots and peas in degradable pots and we planted them in our plot once the children had raked over the surface to clear any little weeds. The children tried to plant the carrots in a straight row and then they put the peas in a little group as they will need supporting later.


They then planted out a pumpkin and a sunflower.  The children had sown these in pots long ago.


We then planted out some more lettuces from a strip which the children had pricked out a couple of weeks ago and were now ready for planting.


All the trays of plants which we had pricked out for the other classes are also ready now for them to plant out.


Everything was given some water, including the plants we had set out last week and we hope they will all survive without attention over half term week.