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Week 26

Week 26 - 14th May 2014


Present: Clay; Anmol; Zarah; Beatrice; Mizbah; Muddassira; Luke; Mrs Dorey


It was a lovely hot and sunny day.  We were so glad as yesterday had poured with rain all day.


Mrs Dorey had fetched the sweet peas which we had sown long ago, as they are now ready for planting out.  The children set them out within two tepees, for them to grow up, as they will need support as they grow.


We then sowed a tray of runner beans, so that there will be a few for classes to plant out once they have grown.


Some of the children got on with hoeing as we could see that small weeds were starting to sprout.  The plots all looked immaculate once they had finished.


Mrs McCarthy came to see how we were getting on and the children showed her round all the plots and told her what was growing in them.