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Week 25

Week 25 - 7 May 2014


Present: Clay; Anmol; Zarah; Beatrice; Mizbah; Muddassira; Mrs Dorey


We started by inspecting our plot.  We found the plants on it were really big now.  Soon the cabbages will be ready, but we still have to keep them covered with a net so as to keep off the birds.


The broad beans are growing well and will be flowering soon.  We decided to harvest the spinach and the children picked and filled a bag each to take home.  We hope it will be yummy cooked for tea.


The plot looked a little bare after the spinach had been picked but it will soon grow again for another harvest.


After this we filled more trays with potting compost and sowed beetroot into the green trays with one seed per station. 


Then we filled some larger black trays with compost and sowed one French bean into each station. 


We sowed enough for every class to plant some once they have grown into little plants.


After a good watering, we carried all the trays carefully to the greenhouse, so that the plants will germinate quickly.


Soon it will be time to set the more delicate plants out into all the plots.  There is always a danger of frost until 1 June, and we hope all the tiny plants we have prepared will be ready to give to classes by then, for them to set out.