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Week 23

Week 23 - 23 April 2014


Present: Clay; Anmol; Zarah; Beatrice; Yasmeen; Mizbah;  Mrs Dorey


We inspected our plot after the Easter holiday and found that everything had grown huge.  We will be able to start harvesting some of the vegetables soon.


We are now concentrating on preparing plants for the rest of the school to set out into their plots.


This week we starting learning how to prick out.  We started on lettuces as they are not easily damaged, as everyone had to learn how to handle the tiny plants correctly. We had sown the lettuce seed a few weeks ago into large flower pots.


The children soon learned to hold each tiny plant by a leaf and tease it out of the pot with a pencil.  It then was panted into another tray with plenty of room to develop.  We produced thirteen trays – one for every class.  Soon the lettuces will be big enough to set out into the allotments.