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Week 20 & 21

Week 20 & 21 - 19th & 26th March 2014


Please see photographs below.


Present: Clay; Anmol; Zarah; Beatrice; Yasmeen; Mizbah;  Mrs Dorey


19 March 2014


This week, most of the plots are now weed free and have seeds growing in them, however, the soil had gone too lumpy to rake, so everyone stamped all over the soil to press the lumps flat.  Next week we will rake them smooth.


Next we used potting compost to sow three kinds of tomato seed into three different flower pots and watered them well.  After this we filled smaller pots with potting compost.  These are going round to all the classes for a seed growing competition.  The seeds are pumpkin and sunflower.  The competition is the biigest pupkin and the tallest sunflower.


Mrs McCarthy came and inspected the plots and asked the children to explain everything.  This was very exciting.


26 March 2014


This week we started off by raking all the plots nice and smooth.  Luckily it had rained a bit, so the plots were easy to rake and are now much more ready to sow seed into directly.


Then the children filled lots of empty seed strips with potting compost.  Into these we sowed enough peas for every class to have some to plant out later once they have grown into young plants.  We found the seeds were hard and dry and much too hard to bite and eat.  We sowed lettuce seed into some more pots, so that this can grow on in the cold frame, ready for planting out when the weather gets warmer.