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Week 19

Week 19 - 12th March 2014


Please see photographs below.


Present: Clay; Anmol; Zarah; Beatrice; Yasmeen; Mizbah;  Mrs Dorey


It was a lovely sunny and warm spring day today.  It was almost too hot for digging.  However, we still had two plots to clear, although they both had things in them that we wished to leave to grow on.  These were plants that had been put in last summer.


We cleared around a row of strawberries on one plot and left some flowers and carrots on the other.  The carrots were small but had started growing on well.  The children picked and ate one of them.  Luckily it was big enough to divide into six!


This week Mrs Dorey had cut some lengths of string, so that the children could ensure their rows across the plots were straight.  We carefully spaced out the giant sets along the string rows so that they had at least 15cms between each tiny onion set.   Then everyone took turns to bury the onions in the soil, so that just the tip showed.  We hope birds won’t find the tips and pull them out of the soil.  The onions are a variety called Stuttgarter Giant.  We wonder which class will be responsible for the biggest grown ones.