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Week 17 & 18

Week 17 & 18 - 5th & 12th March 2014


Please see photographs below.


Present: Clay; Ellise; Anmol; Zarah; Beatrice; Yasmeen; Mizbah;  Mrs Dorey


On 12 February, it was a very rainy day and so we had to stay indoors.  We sowed some cress seeds into yogurt pots, so that we could take them home and watch them grow.  They will make good eating in a week or so.


We also checked out the sweet peas we had sown last week.  We found they had germinated and so Mrs Dorey said it was time to put them outdoors into the greenhouse, so that they can grow strongly, before we set them out in the ground.


On 5 March, we had a wonderful spring day, with hot sunshine.  We all enjoyed our gardening session today.  We worked hard at finishing off the digging and weeding of all the plots and this only now leaves two which are still a little bit weedy.


After we had finished the digging we set out two rows of broad beans seeds across all the finished plots.  Mrs Dorey had saved the seed from the beans she had grown last year.  These should start to grow into little plants soon.  Then they will flower and by June we should be able to pick and eat the beans.  Perhaps there will be enough to give to the kitchen, to serve with school lunches!