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Week 15

Week 15 - 29 January 2014


Please see photographs below.


Present: Clay; Ellise; Luke; Jalen; Anmol; Zarah; Beatrice; Mrs Dorey


This is the first week since the beginning of September that the weather has been too bad for us to garden outdoors.


We decided to do an experiment to find out how seeds grow.  Mrs Dorey gave us some beans in their dried out pods for us to strip out and then we prepared jam jars to grow a bean inside.  First we lined the inside with stiff paper handtowels.  Then we added about 3 cms of water to the jar. 


The water rose up around the inside of the jar as the paper sucked it up.  Mrs Dorey said this was called osmosis and that it was exactly how a plant drinks, by the water passing from cell to cell.


Then we inserted one seed vertically between the paper and the glass about half way up the inside of the jar.


We discussed which we thought would grow first: the root or the stalk. We decided that the plant would need water to grow so that it might put out the root first to find the water, so as to feed the growing stalk.


We then wondered how many roots and how many stalks it would grow.  Maybe one each or maybe more than one each.


Mrs Dorey asked us to let her know next week how the beans were doing and what were the results of all our wondering. Some children said they would photograph the bean as it sprouted.


We wondered how the stalk knows to grow upwards and the root knows to grow downwards.  Clay said that maybe it had a brain.  In fact he is quite correct, plants do have simple brains in their cells and we will perhaps be able to experiment in the future to prove where the brain is which makes the root grow downwards.