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Week 12

Week 12 - 18th December 2013


Please see photographs below.


Present: Clay; Elise; Luke; Mrs Dorey


After filling the bird feeders, we carried some netting to our allotment.  We carefully spread this over our plants and secured it at the corners with heavy stones.  We did this not only to stop it blowing away but to ensure that no small mammals or birds get caught in it.  We had found that the net would be necessary as our cabbages and spinach plants were being eaten by birds.


We then went on to continue with our digging.  Mrs Dorey went over the safety rules for using a fork to turn the soil.  We found many worms and surprisingly all but one had slime bands around their bodies showing that they were carrying babies.


We went to put away our tools at the end of our session and then the children ran to stroke one of the hens who appeared to be asleep.  When she got up and moved along there was a lovely greenish coloured egg sitting in the grass, which she had laid.  As this couldn’t be shared with all three children Mrs Dorey said she would take it home and put it in her Christmas cake.  This was appropriate as Luke was dressed as Santa.