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Week 10

Week 10 - 4th December 2013


Please see photographs below.


Present: Clay; Elise; Mrs Dorey


We started by checking the bird feeders.  To our surprise, they were all completely empty.  Luckily there was still enough seed for us to refill them.


We carried on digging over the plots and we managed to finish one off so that it looked really good.  There were only two of us children this week, so we both posed for a photo showing our handiwork on the completed plot.  We will need to keep it raked over during the winter if we see any weeds starting to grow again.


When we were digging we found a big fat grub in the soil which was about 3cm long.  It turned out to be a chafer grub which is a pest to growing plants.  Mrs Dorey will give it to Mr Bailey to feed to the hens.