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Week 1

Present: Theo; Faris; Anisa; Muddasira


First Mr Bailey helped us save a beetle which was stuck in a juice lid.


Next we stripped some blackcurrants from the branches of a blackcurrant bush. Next week we hope to make our own Rybena. We had already learnt that blackcurrants are called ribes in Latin.


Next it was time to start clearing our allotment. Everyone dug and pulled out weeds until it looked perfect. We found lots of vegetables while we did this. These had grown over the summer.


We found lots of something else too - Worms!


We collected the worms so that we can make a wormery. Then we will be able to see exactly what the job of the worm is in the garden. Some of the worms were carrying cocoons full of eggs. These are like slime bands around the worm body. When the eggs are ready to hatch, the baby worms will crawl out.


Everyone went home with bags full of vegetables.