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Values and Ethos


To provide the foundation for the pupil’s intellectual, emotional, physical, social, moral and spiritual development enabling them to achieve their full potential so that they can take their place as life long learners in a globalised world

Together Everyone Achieves More


The International Primary Curriculum Personal Goals underpin the individual qualities and learning dispositions we believe children will find essential in the 21st century. They help to develop those qualities that will enable children to be at ease with the continually changing context of their lives. Opportunities to experience and practice these are built into the learning tasks within each unit of work, and referenced at the end of every task to signpost opportunities for teachers to further develop them.

We show cooperation by working well with lots of different people and taking different roles in a group


We show respect by valuing and taking care of ourselves, others and our environment


We show thoughtfulness by thinking carefully about others, our work and ourselves and using our thinking skills to solve problems


We develop our principles by thinking about our choices and decisions and always trying to do the right thing


We show resilience by keeping on trying and never giving up even when things are difficult


We show adaptability by embracing new and different ideas and changing our behaviour to suit the situation


We show enquiry by looking carefully at the world around us, asking questions and investigating


We show good communication by clearly expressing our thoughts, ideas and feelings in different ways