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Ferrars Junior School

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The Governors Vision

The Governing Body is justly proud of the progress and achievements of the school.  Whilst we believe that the school has achieved excellence in some areas, and displays very good quality in a significant number of others, we are not complacent and recognise the need for monitoring and evaluating the work of the school and developing some areas.  Our vision is one of retaining and maintaining the good features whilst striving to further improve the content and quality of the education we are able to offer to the children.


  We seek to become a school of excellence which:


  • values each child and recognises their right to an education which is rich, challenging, enjoyable and appropriate. 
  • strives to develop the moral understanding that pupils acquire and encourages an appreciation of individual and corporate need.
  • recognises and utilises the new technology and harnesses its opportunities for the benefit of the child and society.
  • responds to the needs and aspirations of all the pupils, their families and staff. Which works with and involves more closely the community of and around Ferrars.