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Shortenills - March 2016


Today has been a lovely day. We arrived safely with our friends from Downside and spent some time getting to know our way around the centre before a delicious lunch of pizza, chips and beans followed by sponge and custard. After that, we took part in an orienteering activity which we were all really good at. Next, we spent some time in our dorms making our beds (with some help from Mrs Moore, Mrs Hitchen and Mr Winspeare) then had a buffet tea.

Once it was dark, we met Mr Harwin for a spooky walk through the woods and a camp fire where we told some hilarious jokes and shared some puzzling riddles. We finished the night off with a cup of hot chocolate and a biscuit before a play in the recreation room, showers and more dorm time. We all went to bed excited for more fun activities.

Check back for another update soon!


It has been another fun-filled day at Shortenills. We slept well and our teachers had to wake most of us up!

After breakfast, we got ready for a long walk where we had to use our map and compass reading skills to lead walks through the countryside. It was very muddy and all three adults almost fell over whilst walking down a steep hill!

In the afternoon, we worked in teams to build some shelters which were brilliant and allowed us to keep warm when it was windy and raining. We drank hot chocolate in our shelters then spent some time on the play area. In the evening we were allowed to play some board games and watched a dvd before bed.

We are looking forward to seeing our families tomorrow after some team building activities. See you at 3!

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