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Rainbow Poetry

Rainbow Poetry

Eye Spy with my Rainbow Eye


Eye Spy

with my red eye,

A red joy con on my Nintendo switch,

Red cars outside the windows,

And red KFC snack boxes.


Eye Spy

with my orange eye,

Orange easy jet planes,

Long orange carrots in my fridge,

And orange indicators on my dad's car.


Eye Spy

with my yellow eye,

A very hot yellow sun,

Yummy yellow waffles

And ripe yellow bananas


Eye Spy

with my green eye,

Some green apples,

Nice green leaves and stems

 And Short green grass in Lewsey park


Eye Spy

with my blue eye,

The never ending blue sky,

Light and dark blue cars

And blue lids on bottles.


Eye Spy

with my indigo eye,

The salty ocean at night,

A big butterfly

And indigo fish.


Eye Spy

with my violet eye,

Violet sunglasses,

A Violet lollipop

And beautiful flowers.


By Nihaal

Eye spy 

With my violet eyes

Sweet juicy grapes 

Sweet smelling flower

And yummy purple cabbage


Eye spy 

With my indigo eyes

Lovely trousers

Dark beautiful night sky

And bell shaped bluebells


Eye spy

With my blue eyes

Big, blue whale

Salty,big sea 

And shiny sapphire


Eye spy 

With my green eyes

Yummy peas

Green shiny leaves

And fresh grass


Eye spy 

With my yellow eyes

Shining stars 

Bright, blazing sun

And glittering gold


Eye spy

With my orange eyes

Juicy tangerines

Cunning foxes

And orange striped tiger


Eye spy 

With my red eyes

Shiny red ruby

Little strawberries

And a big heart

by Samuel