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Pupil Leadership Team


Prefects 1 Simarjyot - Head Boy. Hi my name is Simarjyot and firstly I would like to say thank you for choosing me to be your Head Boy. I am very pleased and I promise you that I will definitely take my job seriously. Now a little bit about myself; I like sports and my favourite subject is Maths. When I am older I would love to be a pilot.
Prefects 2 Inaaya - Head Girl. My name is Inaaya and I am your Head Girl this year. Positivity, resourcefulness and fun is what I am all about! If you need anything come to me and I will help. I guarantee you that this year will be your best!
Prefects 3 Rohit - Deputy Head Boy. Hi my name is Rohit and I am !0 years old. I am proud to be the Deputy Head Boy because I feel special and very important. If you need help you are welcome to ask me or any of the prefects. I hope you have a great time at school this year.
Prefects 4 Charlize - Deputy Head Girl. Hello. My name is Charlize. I am from class 6 Willow and am also Deputy Head Girl. Ever since I came to this school, I have always wondered what it would be like to represent Ferrars. I am a funny, friendly, kind and helpful pupil and will always do my very best to help and support you.
Prefects 5 Abdullah. Hi. My name is Abdullah and I am a prefect. I am hardworking, responsible and I love to help. I have two sisters, one is in year 3 and the other is only two years old. I love football which is a hobby of mine. If you ever need any help at all, you’ll probably find me around the school carrying out various jobs, or on the football field!
Prefects 6 Madiya. Hello. My name is Madiya and I am going to be your prefect. During my free time, I like to play chess with my brother and go on my trampoline. My favourite animal is the white tiger.
Prefects 7 Zaiyna. Hello. My name is Zaiyna. I am 10 years old. My favourite subject is Maths. I also love to play skipping with my friends. I am incredibly happy to be a prefect. I will make sure that I am a good prefect by always being respectful, responsible and helpful.
Prefects 8 Bella. Hi. I’m Bella. I am very welcoming and will make sure that I look after the school. I like listening to music and helping. Is you need any help, don’t be scared to come to any one of the prefects. We don’t bite!
Prefects 9 Sanduni. Hi. My name is Sanduni. I’m 10 years old and I’m a prefect. My favourite subjects are IPC and PE. I also love reading Harry Potter books.. I always love to help. I’m always here to help. When I grow up, I want to become a doctor.
Prefects 10 Zoya. Hi. My name is Zoya and I am one of your prefects. Let me tell you a little about myself. My personality is kind and caring towards others. I will be responsible always, and will make sure I co-operate well with other prefects, pupils and staff. My family helped build those traits. I have two sisters. Two years ago, my sister ended up becoming a prefect and I always wanted to follow in her footsteps. It’s what convinced me to apply for this position.
Prefects 11 Kashaf. Hi. My name is Kashaf and I am very kind, helpful, responsible, caring, friendly and loving. One of my hobbies involves doing artwork of all types such as drawing, painting and sketching (I get it from my older brother.) Apart from that I also enjoy playing basketball, football and netball occasionally. I like reading as I learn new words and it helps me develop my writing skills. I also work exceptionally well with all of my peers as well as independently.
Prefects 12 Abrar. Hello my name is Abrar and I am in 6 Magnolia. I am a prefect and ambassador for Ferrars. I will be helpful and I will help everyone who needs it. I also like pizza!
Prefects 13 Harkirat. Hi my name is Harkirat and I am one of the prefects. I like football, gymnastics and helping others. If you are lonely I promise I will always be available to listen to your problems and help you. If you need something just ask me.
Prefects 14 Rukevwe. Hello my name is Rukevwe and I am a prefect! I am 10 years old and my favourite subjects are English and IPC. I’m in 6 Sycamore! I am sensible, responsible and I’m always happy to help!
Prefects 15 Laraib. Hi my name is Laraib and I am a prefect. I am warm-hearted and I love a good game of football. I am very responsible and I’m always willing to help. I have 3 pet fish.
Prefects 16 Charlie. My name is Charlie and I like playing football. I play for Luton Allstars FC. I’m happy to be a prefect because I like helping the Office at breaktime and also helping teachers and children.
Prefects 17 Zunairah. Hello my name is Zunairah and I’m a prefect. My favourite colour is green and my favourite subject is English. I like playing basketball and football. I am enjoying Year 6 its fun!
Prefects 18 Amina. Hi my name is Amina and I’m one of the prefects! I love swimming and playing netball, hopefully I will make it into the netball team this year. I’m a good sport and a great friend. I will happily give up my time to help anybody and support you. If you have any worries or problems come and talk to me. I will turn your frown upside down. There is nothing to worry about when I am around!

House Captains

House Captains 1 Umar - Courage
House Captains 2 Laraib - Courage
House Captains 3 Marek - Destiny
House Captains 4 Jamia - Destiny
House Captains 5 Kaidon - Wisdom
House Captains 6 Aliza - Wisdom
House Captains 7 Teagen - Inspiration