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Ferrars Junior School

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Pupil Leadership Team


Prefects 1 Head Girl Shruti Murali.
Prefects 2 Head Boy Alex Frowde
Prefects 3 Deputy Head Girl Lauren Bright
Prefects 4 Deputy Head Boy Quais Abouzeed
Picture 1 Alesha Shaikh
Picture 2 Antonina Gladych
Picture 3 Eliza Parveen
Picture 4 Lauriel Respopolo
Picture 5 Leah Bissong
Picture 6 Sam Waller

House Captains

House Captains 1 Courage - Jessica Manases
House Captains 2 Courage - Yasin Rasheed
House Captains 3 Destiny - Ashlynn Owolabi
House Captains 4 Destiny - Dante Francis
House Captains 5 Inspiration - Taylor-Renae Daley
House Captains 6 Inspiration - Sulaiman Chaudhry
House Captains 7 Wisdom - Aaniyah Campbell
House Captains 8 Wisdom Mark Otitojo

Shruti Murali

I love learning everything, but my favourite subjects are IPC, ICT, and art. I enjoy playing badminton, tennis and netball. I am so excited to help Ferrars Junior School as I have dreamt about this role since year 3. Thank you for giving me this chance. Enjoy your year!

Alex Frowde

I am hardworking and will face any challenge that comes my way. I have been playing guitar for 3 years and in year 5, I took part in the brilliant club. I am kind and caring so if something is troubling you, or you need help, feel free to come to me.

Lauren Bright

I would like to say how pleased I am to be deputy head girl. I enjoy reading and drawing. I am a good listener and like to help people so if you need to talk to someone, come and find me. 

Quais Abouzeed

I’m 11 years old and I’m from Syria. I came to the UK in April 2013 and started school in year 2. In my free time, I like to exercise or play football with my friends. My favourite thing to do is: help everyone, play football, go out with my friends and to get a good education. My dreams are to become a doctor or footballer.  I consider myself a very lucky boy because my relatives don’t go to school because they were all destroyed. But if you need help, come and find me and if you want someone to play with you, I’m the right person to ask.


Alesha Shaikh

I am honoured to be given the role of a prefect. In my opinion, I find art and English quite enjoyable. I would like to grow up to become a head teacher. I have put all my dedication and hard work to earn this job. If you have any problems or questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

Antonina Gladych

My family are from Poland. Although I was born here in England, I can speak fluent Polish! I enjoy drawing and writing, which is what I spend most of my free time doing. Another love of mine is football and I am very proud to be part of the girls football team here at Ferrars.  If you need any help, I’m always available.

Eliza Parveen

I am 10 years old. I am pleased to be a prefect. I love playing football and my favourite colour is blue. I am hard working and I will put all my effort into to this role I have been given. If you have any questions or need advice, you are more than welcome to come and ask me.

Lauriel Respospolo

I am happy and proud to represent 6RY as a prefect. To be a good prefect I will: respect others, listen and be willing to help. I am determined to do the job well, even though it may be hard. I love to eat fruit, especially watermelons, strawberries and mango. I like to read, learn, jump and run. My favourite subject in school is IPC, where we are presently learning about the Earth and what happened in the past. I will work hard.

Leah Bissong

Drawing is one of my passions because I enjoy looking at what I have achieved. I also enjoy football and I am proud to be able to represent Ferrars with the girls football team. I am proud to be chosen as your prefect and I am here to help. I am responsible, reliable and always give 100% in my work. I am looking forward to fulling my role as  I know I can handle it!

Samuel Waller

I am in 6JS and my favourite subject is English. I am funny and warm-hearted and I enjoy making people laugh. I am smart and responsible. I will help in any way I can. If you ever have a problem, please come and find me. I will do my best to assist you.