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Outdoor Day

On Friday 16th October, we got changed into our old clothes in preparation for going outside. Then we went outside to the top field and Andy instructed us in what we had to do. We made tents and learnt how to tie up string in two different ways.

After break-time, our class and half of Magnolia class learnt how to make tents and places to stay if we didn’t have good enough equipment like a tent cover. In my opinion, I thought it was really fun and an important topic to do. Why? Because if you are lonely in the woods or forest, you don’t just give up, you find a way to stay alive. We made sand fires using cotton wool, wood and a flint lighter. When we were making the fires, we had to be careful. Coats had to be zipped up and you had to be respectful to yourself and others by kneeling on one knee. Our fire also had 10 sticks which was good to keep the fire going for longer.

Khloe Bissong.


On Friday 16th October, we took part in outdoor activities which involved learning how to tie knots, how to put up a shelter and how to build and start a fire. The activities were interesting and some were hard in their own ways. We learnt lots of survival skills from our instructors and they provided us with tips and lots of essential equipment. Near the end of the lesson, we were assigned a task to design two shelters consisting of some materials that we might find in the wild. We drew a right-angled tent and a Q-tip.

Our first design was a right-angled tent so when it rained, it would easily slide off. This design included bamboo sticks and tree branches. We were given 30 minutes to construct our shelter before a storm came. The purpose of this activity was to see if our shelters could withstand a storm.

Lulu Ndip