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Meeting a fox

Meeting a fox


At last I saw him through the kitchen door. It was a big orangish kind of monster. His flashy gloomy eyes stared at me. His coat was grey and thick as if he was wearing a fur blanket. Silently, he crept up to the bins looking for some food. He jumped and leapt towards my garden wall. He sat on the wall with his drooling tongue. His long tail was hanging off the wall, wagging clumsily. 


It was at that moment I realised he had a frog in his mouth. Urghhh!!! That was totally disgusting. I walked quietly to call Rhea my sister to show her the creature. When we came back to the kitchen door, he darted into the bushes behind the wall. The frog squealed in its mouth. He then went to my neighbours' garden and howled looking up into the gloomy sky.

by Nihaal


 One day, when the sun was setting I went to my friends house in a deep, creepy forest. I could hear birds tweeting and felt the windy air going through me and suddenly, there was a weird, strange rattling noise in the bushes. I called out and said `Hello’? Is anybody there?' But there was no sign of anybody in the forest except a  fox that appeared out of the green bush where it was rattling before. It had curious, little eyes which were staring at me straight at my face, a black, dotted nose, orange,brownish, fire-looking fur, pointy ears and a long, curly tail. I screamed and the fox took one step forward at me closely. It growled at me but then it ran away .



By Kaelyn

I saw him for the very first time. He was more adorable than I thought. His brown eyes were browner than the brownest mud. He was going through the white snow faster than a cheetah. He was so excited but he looked like he had friends so I got more excited. Finally I ran to him then we hugged. 

by Kriti