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At Ferrars, our key aim in Mathematics is to provide engaging opportunities that allow children to become confident mathematicians. Using our school maths policy and the National Curriculum objectives, lessons are planned to incorporate the teaching of number sense, the application of number skills, reasoning and problem solving strategies - through the completion of Do it, Twist it and Stretch it tasks. Weekly lessons are taught using a 3:2 approach where number is taught on a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday; measures, statistics and geometry on a Thursday and Friday.


Maths Passports and Badge Challenge


Three days a week, children will have the opportunity to test and practise their mental and oral fluency.  Depending on what passport they start with, they will have objectives that need to be achieved by quickly answering a question without using their fingers. If they are able to do this for three sessions over a three week period they move onto the next passport.


Each time a child starts a new passport they will take home a set of guidelines for their parent to help them with at home. These include a list of questions to ask them. Parents can also use these to practise at home and play various games to improve their mental and oral fluency.


Children also complete a fortnightly Badge Challenge where they recall calculations at speed. As the children progress through the different stages, the questions become more challenging. For each badge stage that is completed correctly, children are awarded with a certificate and badge of achievement.



Sequential Teaching of Problem Solving (STOPS) is an engaging way to teach children the eight strategies for problem solving with questions that progress in difficulty to challenge children. They then have the opportunity to practise these skills in all maths lessons and once they have travelled through the passport system to Atlantis they will have time to work on further STOPs problem solving strategies and activities.


By clicking the National Curriculum icon below you can access the mathematics curriculum that all children follow.