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Huggg Free School Meal Voucher Information/FAQ - Luton Borough Council


For any further help and information here is the Luton Borough Council link

***** Current Information from Huggg *****


  1. If an 'out of stock' marker is on a selection button - this is where we know that this is out of stock and have marked it as such, or it may indicate that a processor has temporarily crashed and can't return a gift card.  It may take up to 2 working days for this to become available again with the processor, but is often much quicker.  We'd advise the recipient to make another selection or to wait and occasionally refresh their link to check.  For more information on how a digital voucher can be out of stock, click here.
  2. If there is no out of stock marker but a red error message comes up on the screen when a selection is made - this means that the product has become out of stock but we haven't yet been able to mark it as such on the selector.  There can be a delay before we find out.
  3. If the selection can be made from the list of supermarket brands, but then there is some sort of error on the gift card that comes through - this means that the processor is under strain and not returning all of the information fully.  Wait a few moments and hit refresh on the voucher link that came through - this should then be ok.