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Gardening Club 2015-16

Gardening Club 2015-16




Now is the time to harvest our produce.  We have already collected carrots, potatoes, cabbages and kale.  There are still plenty of these things left for us to pick.




We have collected some of the squashes and even more carrots and all the tomatoes.  Year 3 had fun collecting potatoes from the ground.


The gardening club have planted winter onions and winter cabbage.  We have had to protect both of these from the birds by using nets and fleece.




Our winter onions and cabbage are doing well.  We have been able to remove the covers from the onions as they are well established now.  We have just planted some more Chard (which is like spinach) and this should grow big by next year.


We have been busy bringing in our harvest of carrots.  There are still plenty to dig up.  There is still plenty of spinach and curly kale to collect throughout the winter and use in the school kitchen.  We have also set out some winter lettuce which will grow big in the spring.


Our picture gallery shows progress through the year.

Collecting Potatoes 2 September
Collecting Potatoes September
Gardening Club harvest - Oct 15
Our harvest of squashes and carrots - Oct 15
Some of the carrots are very big - Oct 15
Year 3 digging potatoes - Oct 15 4
Year 3 digging potatoes - Oct 15 5
Year 3 digging potatoes - Oct 15 6
Year 3 digging potatoes - Oct 15 7
Year 3 digging potatoes Oct 15 2
Year 3 digging potatoes Oct 15 3
Carrot Harvest Nov 15
Carrots Nov 15
Our Winter cabbages are growing well
Our woodland area Nov 15
Picking carrots Nov 15
Planting Winter lettuce Nov 15