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Gardening at Ferrars 2014-15

Gardening at Ferrars 2014-15


March and April


This year we have been busy getting the allotments into good order ready to supply food to the school kitchen.


The children have been weeding and raking and have moved many barrow loads of home made compost, from all our weedings last year.


The plots are ready now for seeds to be sown directly into them and soon we will be able to set out young plants from the seeds we have already sown into pots.


We have sown some quick growing carrots.


It is still a bit too cold at night to set out tender young plants.




The days have warmed up now which in turn has warmed the soil.  However it is still very cold at night, with occasional frosts.


We have been able to set out some young lettuce seedlings.  We are growing two kinds of lettuce, a small variety and a larger kind.


We noticed that some of the carrots which we sowed last month had germinated.


Next week we hope to set out cabbages, spinach and chard


Our picture gallery shows progress through the year.




At last the weather has warmed up and plants can be safe in the ground.  However, this did mean that the weeds grew over the half term week, and the children almost had to start again with their bed clearing. 


Since then cabbages, curly kale, spinach and chard have been set out, as well as some more lettuces.  Also set out are courgette plants, squashes, leeks, cucumbers, French beans and tomatoes.


Charmaine, the kitchen manager has been picking produce, especially the salad crops and the herbs.  These go into the school lunches.  There is now plenty of spinach which goes into curry.


Our picture gallery shows progress through the year.