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At Ferrars, our key focus in English is to make children confident readers and writers. We encourage reading for pleasure and writing for purpose across all areas of the Curriculum.  English is taught through objectives taken from the National Curriculum, providing focus and depth of learning. Reading, writing and grammar skills are taught through genre based units and are integrated into our IPC theme lessons.




Our aim is for all children to enjoy the process of writing. Our purpose is to ensure that they write fluently, effectively and confidently in a range genres for a variety of audiences where they use appropriate sentence structures, apply spellings rules and have legible, joined handwriting.

As well as dedicated writing sessions each week, grammar, punctuation and spelling are taught as discrete lessons giving children the opportunity to acquire knowledge and skills to apply across all subjects. Children receive weekly spellings to learn at home and homework often includes grammar and writing tasks.




It is important that children read for pleasure and to gain skills which will enhance their learning across the curriculum. The school library is a stimulating environment that provides a wealth of fiction and nonfiction books for children to explore and enjoy. We hope children will take books home from the library and their classrooms to share with friends and families, to instill a love of reading.

We use a structured guided reading scheme to teach reading skills four times a week, which meets the requirements of the reading curriculum through engaging, stimulating and challenging texts. This will enable them to deepen their understanding of literature, widen their vocabulary and develop their use of language in their own writing.


By clicking the National Curriculum icon below you can access the English curriculum that all children follow.