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Day 3

Wednesday - Day 3

Today has been another exciting day at Dell Farm. After breakfast we took the ponies and donkeys to the common for a long walk which cheered them up.

After our walk, we took part in our first of three activities (either climbing, caving or archery). We were all very brave and had a go at the activities, even if we felt scared at the beginning.

After all that excitement we had the chance to learn about foxes and then had to use these skills to find clues around the farm (whilst avoiding being shot with water pistols by our evil teachers!)

Once we had dried ourselves off, we went to see the well (where we learnt a very scary story) and were able to go to the shop to buy souvenirs to take home.

In the evening, Mr Peck took us for a walk where we pretended to be foxes again. This time we had to move without making a sound and then try to creep up on the teachers who were only allowed to use their ears to try and catch us out. They were very good at this game but some children still managed to sneak up on then undetected!

Following the short walk back to Dell Farm, we had hot chocolate around the camp fire before heading to bed ready for more fun activities tomorrow. We are hoping for more dry weather tomorrow so that we can enjoy spending time around the camp fire once again.

Team 5