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Day 1

Hi everyone,

Our first evening at Dell Farm was great fun! We went on a tour of the farm and were shown how to make a bed before going off to do it for real. Mr Winspeare challenged the boys to beat him at making a bed (sadly nobody succeeded this time!)

After making our beds we had pizza, chips and beans for dinner (Miss Mimms was very excited to see such a huge bowl of chips heading her way!) We finished off with a scrumptious slice of lemon cake and a few cups of tea.

After dinner, we were told to put on four layers of clothing and make our way outside for a long walk through forests and down muddy paths. It was brilliant listening to the mud squelching beneath our wellies.

Finally, we arrived back to Dell Farm for hot chocolate before showering and going to bed. What an eventful evening! Check back tomorrow for another update and more photos of us embarking on new adventures.

Team 5