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Dear Parents/Carers


As I am sure you will have heard the government is proposing that as from June 1st primary schools will be open for Year 6 children to attend. We have now started planning for this so that wherever possible we can maintain the two-metre social distancing advised for everyone, although the government acknowledges in their own documentation that unlike older children and adults, early years and primary age children cannot be expected to remain two metres apart  from each other and staff.”


There is much to consider if we are to be ready to open in less than three weeks and most importantly we need to know how many children will be attending school. Could you please indicate whether or not you intend your Year 6 child to attend school from June 1st  by completing and returning the short survey as soon as possible. This information is critical to our ability to keep those staff and children who attend school safe so please respond promptly.


To help you in your decision making I have included below some frequently asked questions which have been answered by the UK government. Please note that those children who return will work in small groups and that they will be unable to participate in any of the usual end of year activities that we normally provide for our Year 6 children.


Frequently asked questions answered by the UK government


If my child is eligible, is it compulsory for them to attend school?

We strongly encourage children and young people in the eligible year groups to attend, as requested by their school, unless they are self-isolating or there are other reasons for absence (such as shielding due to health conditions.) Parents will not be fined for non-attendance at this time.


What if my child is eligible but has siblings who are not?

We are asking that only these year groups (year 6) return to schools from 1st June. This does not include siblings in different year groups.


Should I keep my child at home if they have an underlying health condition or live with someone in a clinically vulnerable group?

Children and young people who are considered extremely clinically vulnerable and shielding should continue to shield and should not be expected to attend.

Clinically vulnerable (but not clinically extremely vulnerable) people are those considered to be at a higher risk of severe illness from coronavirus. A minority of children will fall into this category, and parents should follow medical advice if their child is in this category.

Children and young people who live in a household with someone who is extremely clinically vulnerable and shielding should only attend if stringent social distancing can be adhered to and the child or young person is able to understand and follow those instructions.


Children and young people who live with someone who is clinically vulnerable (but not extremely clinically vulnerable) as defined in the social distancing guidance and including those who are pregnant, can attend.


Can children be tested for the virus?

Once settings open to more children and young people, staff and pupils in all settings will be eligible for testing if they become ill with coronavirus symptoms, as will members of their household. This will enable children and young people to get back to childcare or education, and their parents or carers to get back to work, if the test proves to be negative. A positive test will ensure rapid action to protect their classmates and staff in their setting.


What happens if there is a confirmed case of coronavirus in my child’s school, college or childcare setting?

When a child, young person or staff member develops symptoms compatible with coronavirus, they should be sent home and advised to self-isolate for 7 days. Their fellow household members should self-isolate for 14 days. All staff and students who are attending an education or childcare setting will have access to a test if they display symptoms of coronavirus.


Where the child, young person or staff member tests positive, the rest of their class/group within their childcare or education setting should be sent home and advised to self-isolate for 14 days. The other household members of that wider class/group do not need to self-isolate unless the child, young person or staff member they live with in that group subsequently develops symptoms.

As part of the national test and trace programme, if other cases are detected within the child or young person’s cohort or in the wider education or childcare setting, Public Health England’s local Health Protection Teams will conduct a rapid investigation and will advise schools and other settings on the most appropriate action to take. In some cases, a larger number of other children and young people may be asked to self-isolate at home as a precautionary measure - perhaps the whole class, site or year group.

Where settings are observing guidance on infection prevention and control, which will reduce risk of transmission, closure of the whole setting will not generally be necessary.

I hope that you have found this information helpful. Once we have finalised our plans we will send them out to all parents and carers and publish them on our web site.

Please take care and keep safe

Mr Rae



Our online learning goes live on Monday 20th April. Everyone should have received information about how they can logon to Google Classroom. If you have any problems please contact


Staying safe online

Please read this guide to staying safe online. Whilst every effort is made to ensure that all recommended sites are secure and appropriate it is essential to follow guidance when allowing children online access.


The Government has recently announced a national Free School Meal voucher scheme to which Ferrars Junior School has signed up to.


The FAQ link below will answer any questions that you may have.


All FSM children will now receive vouchers for the 2 week Easter break. Dates as follows:


Monday 6th April - £15

Monday 13th April - £15

Monday 20th April - £15 and each Monday thereafter.



Important Information from the Luton Youth and Families COVID-19 Response Group