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COVID-19 Distance Learning

Ferrars Junior School remote education provision: information for parents

This information is to let parents and carers know what to expect from remote education where national or local restrictions require children to remain at home either as an entire bubble or as an individual self-isolating.


Children self-isolating

Children who are self-isolating will receive work on Google Classroom;

  • Mathematics which will either focus on revision/consolidation of previous learning in preparation for new learning or work that is aimed at their age-related expectations.
  • English work consisting of at least one of the following
    • Grammar punctuation and spelling
    • Writing
    • Reading comprehension
  • Online reading at the appropriate level using Myon which is linked to our Accelerated Reader programme.


Whole bubble isolation/full lockdown

  • There will be a daily ‘live’ meeting with the teacher to discuss welfare/pastoral elements and to provide opportunities to discuss the children’s learning.
  • Daily work will be set on Google Classroom at age related expectations and  wherever possible will follow the normal school curriculum
  • Teachers will comment on the children’s work using Google Classroom and where appropriate will give advice on how the children can improve their work. When this happens, children are expected to act on this advice and make the necessary improvements

Please note the stream is for the children and teacher to communicate and should not be used by parents/carers. If parents/carers feel they need to contact the teacher about any aspect of the remote learning then they should do so via email.

  • Work will be set in;
    • Reading comprehension
    • Writing including spelling, grammar and punctuation
    • Mathematics
    • International Primary Curriculum incorporating the Foundation subjects
  • Children will also be expected to read for an hour a day at the appropriate level using Myon. This can be divided into 15/20/30 minute slots if more appropriate
  • As well as the live discussions teachers have with the children the learning will be supported by e.g. use of video clips or sequences, PowerPoint presentations, online resources, virtual lessons, web sites etc.
  • In total the children should spend 4 hours a day on their learning and no longer. If they are finding it difficult to complete the learning on time please get them to discuss this with their teacher on the stream. If you have concerns then please contact the teacher via email.
  • Children should be able to complete most tasks independently but are more likely to be successful if you show an interest in their learning.
  • They may need your support in organising their routines i.e. when do they take a break to relax, refuel or exercise
  • Teachers will check your child’s engagement on a daily basis and will contact you if they have any concerns
  • Children who are vulnerable or have special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) will be offered additional support either from their child’s teacher or our ‘Inclusion Team’


What if my child does not have digital access at home?

  • We have a number of iPads that we can lend children if they do not have a device. Contact to get more information
  • If you do not have the ability to connect to the internet then contact for more information about how we may be able to help
  • If you are still unable to access remote learning then contact and we will arrange for hard copies to be posted to you