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COVID - 19 Advice and Information

This page has been provided to give families key information about the school during the Coronavirus pandemic and to provide you with regular updates regarding any school closure.



School status


The school is currently open for all pupils of all ages.


The Government may instruct that the school is to close again to pupils other than those who are Critical Worker or vulnerable children. In this instance, the school will define vulnerable pupils as those who have social care involvement, have an EHCP, are Looked After Children (LAC; SGO) or are Post Looked After Children (PLAC). Critical Worker and vulnerable children would be taught from 9:00am to 3:00pm. 



Key Information for Reopening


All information for Monday 8th March, and about our current systems of control, can be found in our 'Guidance For Parents' document at the bottom of this page.


Several changes have had to be made to the organisation of the school day and to the site for this unprecedented time. These changes are explained in the guidance for parents. Any changes are made with the purpose of ensuring we help keep pupils, parents, staff and visitors safe.



Any child who is displaying any symptoms of COVID-19 must not attend school and a test should be booked. Please visit this page for booking a COVID-19 test. Attendance is mandatory for all children aged 5 and over. All attendance will be recorded and monitored, with any absence being dealt with through the usual attendance procedure. Parents should be aware that exceeding ten sessions of unauthorised absence may result in them receiving a fine from the Local Authority. If the whole school is closed or there is a bubble closure, pupil absence is marked with an authorised code and no fines are issued.


School Holidays

The school closes fully during all school holidays. If a child tests positive for Coronavirus during a holiday period, parents must let the school know immediately despite us being closed. Parents do this by emailing the school using the following address:  This allows us to take any necessary action depending on the date and time of the test result or on the date symptoms first appeared. A positive result may have an affect on one of our 'bubbles' so it is possible that the school will need to message parents during a holiday period and tell particular pupils to self-isolate. Parents should always check their emails daily for this reason. If telling us about a positive test result, proof of this must be provided in the email to us.