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Breakfast Club

Ferrars Junior School is proud to offer parents childcare facilities before school.

The club is managed by Mrs Burnett, who is supported by staff directly employed by the school. We are currently extending the club to accommodate the growing needs of our families.

We use the school hall as our breakfast club base with activities after they have eaten.
UPDATE: 06/09/2021

We must be informed at least one day in advance if you would like your child to attend. Please contact the office if you would like your child to attend.

The children will enter the school at 8:00am through the main entrance and make their way straight to the hall.

They will be registered and money collected once they are seated in the hall.

Children will be called to Mrs Burnett and asked what they'd like, toast or cereal, once they have their food they sit back down again.

Once all the other children are in class, the breakfast club children will go to their classrooms.

The cost of Breakfast Club is £1.00 per day.