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Bob's WW1 Poem

Bob's WW1 Poem


Futility Circa.1914 –
Crisis looms!
Hearts beat fast,
Excitement lightens gloom.
Escape; Escape no mind to what,
We think we’ve seen our doom.
Mine or quarry, sewer or mill,
Sweat, smell, with grime and strain.
What could be worse to have less hope?
To make us think again!
No more rude clothes of shapeless fit,
Or trousers tied with string!
No more to squint through grit filled eyes,
At our futures lamp lit sting.
Instead we’ll swagger in tunics smart,
Our boots, belts and buckles bright,
Our heads held high, and a rosy glow
If the posters have shown us right!
But how soon such glamour and false hopes fade,
After so short an ocean’s cruise.
Mud, mud, more mud, rats, lice and gas,
If our heads down, that’s good news.
Till the signal sounds we’ll think our thoughts,
On war, peace, love and things.
What is it all about? Well we really don’t know,
We’ll just see what the whistle brings!

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