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Around the Class (Whole Class or Small Group Activity)

Around the Class Activities


How to Play:
Print out, preferably onto thin card, laminate (optonal), cut out.  Put an elastic band around them for storage or put in a plasic bag.

You must use all the cards for a game.  This is because they form a 'loop' and one card leads to the next.  So some children may have to have more than one, or if there's not enough they will have to share.

Shuffle and mix the cards up before you share them out.

Some sets have a 'start' card, so the child who has that must start by reading out the second part of the card, if there isn't a 'start' card then the teacher chooses who will start.
The chldren in the class should then work out the answer to this sum.  The child who is holding the card with the answer should then read out what is on their card and this continues until the final question is asked and the answer is read out by the child who had the 'start' card.