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Ferrars Junior School

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f you would like to apply for a place at Ferrars Junior School please contact Luton Admissions Team on 01582 548016. Any queries relating to the admissions process or to appeals should be directed to the Admission Team at Unity House on the above number, or click on the link below to visit their website.


The admissions Authority for the school is Luton Borough Council.  They have established the criteria for admission and these have been adopted by the Governing Body.
The school has an admission number of 90.  This means that we can admit up to 90 children within each year group.
The agreed criteria are:
1.   Pupils living in the catchment area of the school where the parents express a written first preference for the school.
2.  On medical grounds supported by a medical certificate.
3.  Brothers and sisters of pupils currently attending the school.
4.  On the shortest distance, measured in a straight line, between the central point of the main school site and the pupils home address, with those living closer to the school being given higher priority.
Where the application of the above criteria results in a situation where there are more children with an equal right of admission than the number of available places, the distance criterion (4 above) will be used as a “tie breaker” to resolve the matter.  Priority is not given within each criterion to children who meet other criteria.  Thus, if more children meet criterion 1 than there are places available, then all catchment area preferences will be considered on an equal basis, with the tie breaker being the distance criterion (4 above).