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A dangerous pet

A Dangerous Pet


As I waited,  I heard a crack beside my ear. The egg hatched open. I immediately got off my bed and went to see what it was. I was shocked to see the creature - there was a baby dragon on my desk. I did not know what to do. I sat and thought about it all night long. I had an idea and kept it as a pet. I gave it some food but the next day as my eyes opened the dragon had got so much bigger I could not believe it. So I got the cage, put the dragon inside and sprinted outside as fast as I could.The moment I reached the hill, I called the rescuers and they came and collected it. I said,  "bye" and hugged it before it went. I will never forget this day.

By Akarsh

A Dangerous Pet


The royal children in the big palace were waiting for the big party that was held in honour of them. Then a scary dragon appeared and ruined the party. The children were very sad so one of them said, "Let's go to the dragon lair and ruin his stack of gold and diamonds."

So the children went off on their horses with lots of weapons like swords and they were wearing armour. There were 3 children; one was a girl the others were boys and they were on a mission to kill the beast. Once they arrived they went inside and saw the dragon crying. They asked, "Why are you crying my scary,scaly dragon?"The dragon said,  "Someone stole all my gold. I was going to count and save it." Then the children replied "We are sorry for that."

The dragon looked magnificent. It had wings which flew in the air and flapped, green leathery skin and scales covered his body and a yellow tail that hit people in his way. The children helped him and found his gold so the dragon gave them some and never returned to ruin a party ever again!

by Ibrahim