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Year 5


Year 5 have been making the most of the summer by doing some outdoor learning alongside our continuing work in the classroom.

Outdoor day with Andy Peck

Andy Peck from Oaken Education delivered a session about trees. We learnt how to identify trees by looking at their bark, berries and leaves. We did some art involving leaf rubbings and talked about how trees can be useful to humans and why we need to look after them. After that, we tried different ways of estimating the height and age of some of the trees in our grounds. Some of them were older than the school!




Outdoor Classroom Day

On Global Outdoor Classroom  day, we had a day filled with outdoor activities. In the playground , we created road layouts which included tunnels, bridges, roundabouts and more. WE investigated a mysterious crime scene and used our imagination to tell the story of what had happened. We practised our French with a matching activity and used our Geography skills in an orienteering game with map symbols.



Dunstable Downs

 We went on a trip to Dunstable Downs where we had lots pf fun in the fresh air. We made the most of the wind high up on the downs to fly kites. A few groups were expert kite flyers ad kept their kites high in the air for ages. We made some sketches: some people sketched the amazing views whilst others focussed on particular plants and flowers for a detailed small sketch. We also had a scavenger hunt in the flower meadows.



Rainbow Cookies

 Linked to our Science work about changing materials, we made rainbow cookies. After mixing up a dough, we added different colours to the dough and mixed it together. We rolled out our dough and made it into the right size and shape. Once the cookies were cooked came the best part: eating them - they were delicious!




 Science Oxford - by Hafsa

 Year 5 had a fantastic time on our trip to Science Oxford. The trip included three different activities, one being the Exploration Zone where we got to explore and investigate lots of hands on activities. The second activity was doing different experiments seeing what would happen when we heated things over a flame. The third activity was a mini theatre where we tested things. There were lots of questions and many answers but the one question that hasn’t been answered yet is “What’s in the box?” Find out more on the Science Oxford website.


Maya pyramids

 Inspired by the impressive Maya pyramids which remain standing to this day, we worked as a whole year group to create tetrahedral using sticks and elastic bands. We joined these together to create bigger and bigger structures. In the end, we had a huge pyramid which was taller even than the teachers!




Science Week



During Science week, we did a variety of different scientific activities and had an assembly where Mr Bright showed some exciting experiments, making a cloud and extracting DNA from strawberries.

Along with the rest of the school, we had a challenge to build the strongest bridge using only paper and a little tape. Each group had different ideas and had a chance to test and adapt their design to make their bridge stronger.

We became Crime Scene Investigators investigating fingerprints , taking our own fingerprints and examining them with magnifying glasses. Did you know that every-one has unique fingerprints, even identical twins?

Other activities included investigating the phases of the moon, making moon clocks and creating a balloon rocket which would cross the classroom. All in all it was a great week!


Brazilian street food with Mark Passarelli and Chef Paul - by Timea

Mr Passarelli began by asking us some questions about Brazil. Then he showed us lots of spices which we guessed the names of. When we got the right name, we got to smell it. Then Mr Passarelli showed us how to make a chilli sauce mixture. Then he mixed the other ingredients like coriander , different types of beans Chef Paul had already made the dough for us which we filled with the mixture. We dabbed water on the pastry with our fingers, folded the dough and sealed it. We pressed against the rim with a fork to make sure it was fully sealed. Then it was ready for the oven. At home-time we received our cooked empanadas to eat. In my opinion the pastry was flaky and really tasty.

World Book Day - by Kadmiel, Isra and Anna

On 2nd March it was World Book day and everyone came dressed as amazing characters from various books - even the teachers! Each class had a different book to read and explore.

In Walnut, we read Where the wild things are and we had a wide variety of activities which we really enjoyed. By the end of the day each group had created a story based on Where the wild things are with each person contributing some words or art work.

In Chestnut, we read a book called The Storyteller by Evan Turk. It is about a storyteller who told stories about a beautiful blue bird who provided water even when there were droughts. Storytelling, water and hope were all linked in the stories. We did lots of fun activities including making origami cups with pictures of the bird and different messages inside. After that, we had a box of different items and we came up with lots of stories about each item.

In Hazel, we read The River by Peter Heller. We collaborated as a class to produce a large piece of art work which showed a river and was inspired by the lovely art work in the book.



Anglo-Saxon Outdoor Day

 We enjoyed Outdoor classroom day with Andy Peck in October. We learnt more about the Anglo-Saxons, had a chance to examine some replica weapons, like swords and daggers and some people dressed as Anglo-Saxon warriors. Their helmets and protective gear were extremely heavy! We learnt about some of their politics by re-enacting how the  Vikings tried to take over. The cunning King Alfred managed to use tactics to fight back victoriously and unite most of the different Anglo-Saxon  tribes.



Autumn poetry

 We spent some time outdoors looking at the change in the seasons. Leaves were turning all sorts of beautiful colours and falling from the trees. Trees were producing seeds, like acorns and conkers, which were dropping, trying to create new trees. Having used all our senses to explore the autumn, we went back inside to create some amazing autumn poems.








 Year 5 made the most of the unusual amount of snow we had this year. Although it made getting around more difficult, it looked stunning out of our first floor windows.  We had to have indoor break, but we managed to go out separately and play on the top field. It was great fun to play and make snowmen, even if our gloves did get soaking wet!