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2015 - 2016

Pupil Premium Spending

Our pupil premium money has been used to provide a range of additional support for our children and these interventions have had a significant impact on children’s attainment.


Our key objective in using the Pupil Premium funding is to narrow the gap between pupil groups.


Through targeted interventions we are working to eliminate barriers to learning and progress. Many children start school with low attainment on entry and our aim is to ensure that they make accelerated progress in order to reach age related expectations and as they move through the school.

  • Targeted support has been provided through one-to-one and small group tuition in all year groups. Teachers and Senior leaders provide support through interventions and booster sessions. These interventions support children in knowing where they are and what they need to do to improve their work
  • .High Quality Marking and Feedback - According to the Sutton Report, high quality feedback to pupils is one of the best ways to raise achievement. We have developed a marking system which motivates pupils.
  • Reduced Class Size in Year 6 - By employing a fourth teacher in Year 6, we are able to reduce class size to 22 pupils per class. We can offer higher levels of teacher and adult support with children's learning.
  • Tuition - We provide one-to-one and small group tuition during term time as an extracurricular activity.
  • Subsidised Trips and Visits - We believe that children learn best through real life experiences, so to ensure that all children have uninhibited opportunities to experience a wide range of life experiences we organise a wealth of trips and visits. We subsidise residential trips for all Pupil Premium children.
  • Catering - Having now taken over the school meal provision from the LA, we are now able to provide unlimited portions of school lunch using fresh fruit and vegetables daily, alongside providing an afternoon 'packed lunch' to take home should the PP children require one.


Identification of Pupils


  • ALL teaching staff and support staff are involved in analysis of data and identification of pupils
  • ALL staff are aware of who our pupil premium and vulnerable children are
  • ALL pupil premium children benefit from the funding, not just those who are underperforming
  • Underachievement at all levels is targeted (not just lower attaining pupils)
  • Children’s individual needs are considered carefully so that we provide support for those children who could be doing “even better if…..”


Details of Income 2015 - 2016

Pupil Premium Allocation


Looked After Children


Service Children





Details of Expenditure 2015 - 2016

Teaching Staff


Education Support Staff


Disadvantage Spending


Extended School Activities


Outside Agency Services inc Training


Maths Training and Resources


Equipment and Resources


Catering (elimination of portion control and increased meal spend)


Breakfast Club Subsidy


Car Club (Engineering)


Travel (Inc Minibus costs etc)


Total Expenditure