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Week 2

Week 2 - 2 October 2013


Please see photographs below.


Present: Theo; Anisa; Muddasira; Clay; Mrs Dorey; Miss Mimms

Everyone put on overalls so that we could start the messy job of squishing the blackcurrants that had been stripped off the bush the previous week. Everyone had a go at squashing the fruit and rubbing it through a big sieve into a clean pan. This was hard work and very splashy.


We took the pan of juice to the family room and heated it up on the oven. Once we had added some sugar and given it a good stir, we left it to cool down so that it could be funnelled into bottles for everyone to take home at the end.  We hoped this would taste even better than Rybena.


Next Theo and Clay climbed into the compost heap and spaded out some of the compost into the wheelbarrow. After this had been wheeled to the allotment, everyone helped spread it over one end. Next time we will try to add more to the rest of the ground.


Now it was time to sort out some really nice garlic cloves to plant in the freshly composted ground. After these had been planted in a nice straight row, we put in a row of winter cabbages. We were careful to leave a space to plant some onions next to the garlic. We also left a space to grow some flowers round the edge, so that we encourage the bees to visit our plants next spring.


Everyone went home with a bottle of blackcurrant cordial.