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Science Leaders

Science Leaders

Miss Ngwenya

I developed a passion for science when I was at secondary school.  This is because most of my lessons were practical and I was ALWAYS looking forward to science lessons.  It was at this stage I made up my mind that if I were to become a teacher, I would give children the same experience (and more) that I had.  Science is fun - let's enjoy it!


Mr Bright

I have been excited by science all of my life!  I have always wondered how the world (and beyond) works and why it does the things it does.  I can even remember the first time I learnt what clouds were (I was very young)!  I have been lucky enough to work helping children learn about animals at a local zoo for many years, and have been fortunate to work with some great scientists there.  I would like for all the children at Ferrars to develop the same lifelong passion for science that I have!