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Year 6

This week in Year 6 (18.6.18)
This week in English:

Over the next few weeks we will be completing work under the topic of Growing up. This unit of work focuses on the idea of school life and the transition to high school. Throughout this unit, the children will have an opportunity to write a balanced argument about boarding schools, design their own boarding school brochure and write a goodbye speech to their Year 6 teachers.

This week in


Now that SATs are over, we have shifted our attention to the next big challenge for our children: transition to high school. We have therefore decided to focus on project work in Maths for the remainder of the term which encompasses all areas of the curriculum taught in year 6 with the addition of some year 7 challenge tasks. The children will have the opportunity to draw on all areas of their learning and work with a range of children across the year group.

This week in


We will be working on our final topic of the year 'Investigators'. The children will be taking part in scientific investigations to find clues and make deductions about who has broken into our classrooms. The children will make predictions based on scientific reasoning and write up their findings.

Parents can help their child by:
  • Beginning discussions about finishing primary school and moving on.
  • Ensuring that children complete homework on time and remember to bring this into school in readiness for high school