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Year 5

5LW School Linking Trip to Stockwood


5LW have had a fantastic day at Stockwood Discovery Centre today meeting their link class from Bushmead Primary School. The children starter off by playing some games where they had to find out information about children from the other class. Following this, they took part in a team investigation in the gallery where they had to find out different facts about carriages such as the diameter of the wheels and the materials that they were made from.


After that, they took part in another team game where they had to build a vehicle using Quadro which was strong enough to transport a pupil from one side of the classroom to the other. The children learnt how important it was to spend time thinking about their design and discussing it before they started building. There were some creative designs!


The children ate lunch together then spent some time on the play area where they could relax and get to know each other further.


Thank you for your continued support with our SLN project.

5LW School Linking Trip to Stockwood