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Year 5

Year 5 (Week Commencing 17.12.2018)


This week we will continue looking at Adverts and Plays and applying these skills so we can:

We will be analysing an advert and asking

What is the purpose?

Who is the audience?

How is this an effective advert?

We will be writing a persuasive letter, designing a persuasive poster and a radio advert.

We will be performing poetry and plays off by heart.


This week we will

  •  To multiply by 10, 100, 1000

  •  To divide by 10, 100 and 1000

  • Multiply and divide whole numbers and those involving decimals by 10, 100 and 1000.


This week in IPC ..

We will research Spartans and Athenians. We will be learning about each of the civilisations and will use the information to create a fact page. We will also use comparing and contrasting conjunctions to show the similarities and differences between them.

Parents can help their child by…

*listening to your child read at least 3 times a week and signing it in their pupil planners.

*recapping the passport tasks for their child's next passport.

*encouraging them to continue to develop speed and accuracy in times tables and division facts for up to 12x12.


This week's English  homework is to use inverted commas to punctuate speech correctly.

Homework will be sent home on Friday and must be handed in on a Wednesday. We will be alternating Maths and English homework each week. The tasks will be consolidating the learning the children have done previously.

Children should also be practising their spellings for their weekly test. Remember to continue to practise words from the previous weeks as they may be tested at random too!