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Year 5

Year 5 (Week Commencing 17.7.17)
This week in English we are…

*exploring the culture and diversity of our school, country and the wider world through reading and writing stories from other cultures.

This week in Maths we are…

*applying our knowledge to different problems such as tracking climate change in different countries over time and creating art with different shapes.

This week in IPC we are...

*celebrating culture and diversity through activities such as food tasting, art and music.

Parents can help their child by…

*reading and discussing a range of texts including stories from other cultures.

*using the school calculation policy to recap written methods for the four operations and helping to apply these skills to fractions, decimals and percentages.

*encouraging them to continue to develop speed and accuracy in times tables and division facts for up to 12x12.

*encouraging them to revisit passport objectives ready for September.