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Year 4

Week beginning 11th March

In Maths 

 We will continue learning about decimals, looking at the value of tenths and hundredths and comparing and ordering decimal numbers. We will also look at fractions and finding equivalent fractions.

In English 

We are starting a 4 week unit on 'Stories from Imaginary Worlds'. We will start by looking at various famous stories from imaginary worlds and look at their features. Then we will write some setting descriptions based on pictures.


We are starting our new unit  "Shake it!" which looks at solids, liquids and gases. We will be investigating melting chocolate and ice cubes and freezing water. We will also make butter and milkshakes.  

You can help your child by

  • Continuing to practise their Maths passport objectives with them and revise all their times tables knowledge.

  • Listening to them read at least three times a week. Please make sure you also sign their planner when they have read. It's also really beneficial when you to read to your child.

  • Practise their spelling skills. They have spellings in their planners that they should learn. Generally these spellings are grouped and relate to a particular spelling pattern or rule.

Learning Log

The Year 4 staff are looking forward to a  variety of work in the  A to Z of interests. Please keep encouraging and supporting your child with this homework, which is due in on Thursdays. 

MyMaths homework is also set each week. Your child has been given their login and password.