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Year 3

Week beginning 24th September

In Maths this week,

This week we will be emphasising on of a different aspect of Place Value where children will be exploring and investigating numbers using the terms greater than, smaller than and equals. The children will be comparing and ordering numbers up to 1000 in a range of real life context i.e. weight, length and money.  


The children will extend their understanding further by beginning to understand the concept of finding  a 'number in between' a pair of numbers as well as thinking about ordering numbers on a numberline.


Children are encouraged to work on their Maths Passports at home to help them refine their speed and fluency of mathematical facts. 3FM have learning assigned to develop their understanding of properties of 2D shapes.


Children have now been given their MyMaths logins (inserted in their Pupil Planners).

In English this week,

 This week we will be focussing on Recount and will be revising the language features below:

  • Past verb tenses (she walked, it nipped)
  • First personal pronouns (I, mine, we)
  • chronological order (sequencing event in the order)
  • Time connectives (first, then, next, late on)


Our enrichment focus this week will be a short trip to Lewsey Park on Tuesday 25th September 2018. The children will be engaged through an exciting nature trail through the park and the river bed with the intention of writing a recount. Please remember to send your child equipped with a coat and a pair of boots/wellies in a labelled bag for the trip. The short trip will not have an impact on lunch therefore please ensure you follow the normal route for lunches on the day.


As part of a whole school reading initiative, we have begun to read a book called the Iron Man by Ted Hughes. The children have been captivated and engaged through the use of vocabulary which creates imagery and suspense. We would like the children to continue exploring rich vocabulary within their chosen reading book, and discuss how and why the author has  used rich vocabulary to build imagery.


May we remind you that we expect the children to be reading with an adult three times or more throughout the week. Comments on how your child has read, should be written in their individual pupil planners.


In IPC this week

we will be taking the journey through the Amazon rainforest and learn about the plight of the forest animals and tribes when faced with deforestation. Children with learn about interdependence, conservation, impact of deforestation through a wonderfully illustrated book called The Great Kapok Tree by Lynne Cherry.


As part of our entry point, children are invited to bring any theme related soft toys (not electronic please) to share with the class and/ or contribute to the class display.


You can help your child... 

By listening to your child read, helping them to learn their weekly spellings and complete their learning logs. Please can you also make sure that the children’s school uniform and PE kit is clearly labelled. Ties are available to purchase from the office.


MyMaths: Children will have the chance to log on to MyMaths during their ICT lessons but please encourage them to complete some of the tasks at home.


Learning logs: Our new style of Learning Log has been sent home with the children this week. This is due to be handed in on Thursday. The children are to produce 1 page only.


Ideas for 'C' this week include: