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Year 3

Week beginning 12th November  2018



In Maths this week,

This week we will be focussing on:

Add and Subtract numbers mentally, including: a three-digit number and ones; a three-digit number and tens; a three-digit number and hundreds.

  • use skills of partitioning and then recombining
  • know how to bridge to and through 10's/ 100's
  • know that when adding hundreds, the hundreds digit changes
  • know that when adding tens, the tens digit changes
  • know that when adding ones, the ones digit changes
  • use my knowledge of number bonds to 100
  • use my knowledge of number bonds to 10
In English this week,

 This week in English, the children will begin a 3 week unit on adventure stories where they will learn about:

  • different settings
  • setting descriptions using descriptive language
  • character sketches- expanded noun phrases and figurative language
  • Producing a story mountain using terms such as opening, build-up, problem, resolution and ending.
  • SPAG- application of all the learned SPAG knowledge taught so far.
In IPC this week

This week  will be exploring animal and plants found in the rainforests as well as exploring plants used  for medicinal properties.



You can help your child... 

Our year group targets.

Children to:

  1. Read  to an adult 3 times a week-Comments on how your child has read, should be written in their individual pupil planners. We will be inserting Reading Reminder stickers in Pupil Planners so please do check your child's planners.
  2. Learn the weekly spellings using a range of strategies. Aim to achieve above 50% . We will be inserting Spelling Reminders in Pupil Planners so please do check your child's pupil planners
  3. Complete learning logs and remembering to submit it on time (Thursdays). For those individuals who are finding the Learning Log's challenging, they will be recommended to attend the specific club on Monday afternoon. Coloured stars in the learning logs are explained in the front covers but we have now included 2 more colours. Red: late submissions. Green: Missing homework.k
  4. Come prepared for PE- please consult class timetables.
  5. Reading books to be returned once read. Many children are taking reading books from class but are not returning them. This impacts the number of books that they will be able to loan. All library books has a code inside the front cover.


A kind reminder:

  • We would like to remind parents to clearly label all items (uniform, bottles and lunch bags) as it would be easier to locate and reunite any missing items.
  • As the cold weather is fast approaching, please ensure that your child has a suitable coat to wear everyday for break times. For outdoor PE, we will encourage all children to wear jogging bottoms instead of shorts.
  • MyMaths: Children will have the chance to log on to MyMaths during their ICT lessons but please encourage them to complete some of the tasks at home.
  • Learning logs: Our new style of Learning Log has been sent home with the children this week. This is due to be handed in on Thursday. The children are to produce 1 page only.
  •  Learning Logs Letter of the week: I
  • India
  • Igloo
  • Iceberg

Mrs Manze made an error therefore those who have started their Learning Logs with the letter J, it will be OK!

:). Next week, you will need to focus on the letter I instead.