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Year 3

Week beginning 21.01.19




In Maths this week,

Write and calculate mathematical statements for multiplication and division using the multiplication tables that they know, including for two-digit numbers times one-digit numbers, using mental and progressing to formal written methods

  • progress to a formal written method for multiplication and division (short multiplication and division) ONLY if secure with informal methods

  • use informal methods for division, for example: chunking on a number line

  • use informal methods for multiplication, for example: partitioning or grid method, to set out calculations

  • understand and use the relationship between multiplication and division to solve problems, for example: 6 x 4 = 24 so 24 ÷ 6 = 4

  • multiply single digits by a multiple of 10, for example: 20 x 4 = 80

  • understand the process of multiplication and division with appropriate models and images

  • know that x can be done in any order, but ÷ cannot

  • know that ÷ facts can be derived from x facts (and vice versa)

  • know that ÷ is the inverse of x

  • understand place value


Please provide your child with ample opportunities to practice and consolidate learning at home.

In English this week,

 This week we will be focussing on Fairy/Traditional tales where the children will be given opportunities to identify features of the genre through a range of activities.


This would be a great opportunity for children to bring along a firm favourite tale to present to class, pick apart features and fully understand the structure of the story.


In IPC this week


Our new exciting topic will be Chocolate!

We will be taking our children on a journey through time and explore regions where the Cacao bean originated from.

We will explore Fair Trade and TASTE some chocolate on the way too!


We are encouraging the children to bring i chocolate wrappers, boxes and tins for our display as well as thinking about advertising.


For our food tasting session, we will be requesting that children bring their favourite bars to share, however we must stress that any products with Peanuts, Walnuts,  Pistachios and Cashews are strictly prohibited due to allergies.


Any questions regarding any of the above, please feel free to speak to Ms Mimms.


You can help your child... 

Our year group targets.

Children to:

  1. Read  to an adult 3 times a week-Comments on how your child has read, should be written in their individual pupil planners. We will be inserting Reading Reminder stickers in Pupil Planners so please do check your child's planners.
  2. Learn the weekly spellings using a range of strategies. Aim to achieve above 50% . We will be inserting Spelling Reminders in Pupil Planners so please do check your child's pupil planners
  3. Complete learning logs and remembering to submit it on time (Thursdays). For those individuals who are finding the Learning Log's challenging, they will be recommended to attend the specific club on Monday afternoon. Coloured stars in the learning logs are explained in the front covers but we have now included 2 more colours. Red: late submissions. Green: Missing homework.k
  4. Come prepared for PE- please consult class timetables. Last week we have had 10 children (3FM) who had forgotten their PE kits!
  5. Reading books to be returned once read. Many children are taking reading books from class but are not returning them. This impacts the number of books that they will be able to loan. All library books has a code inside the front cover.


A kind reminder:

  • We would like to remind parents to clearly label all items (uniform, bottles and lunch bags) as it would be easier to locate and reunite any missing items.
  • As the cold weather is fast approaching, please ensure that your child has a suitable coat to wear everyday for break times. For outdoor PE, we will encourage all children to wear jogging bottoms instead of shorts. We have had a huge volume of children forgetting their PE kits. Please refer to individual timetables.
  • MyMaths: Children will have the chance to log on to MyMaths during their ICT lessons but please encourage them to complete some of the tasks at home.
  • Learning logs: Our new style of Learning Log has been sent home with the children this week. This is due to be handed in on Thursday. The children are to produce 1 page only.