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Year 3

Week beginning 26th February

In Maths this week,

The children will be looking at telling the time using 12 hour analogue clocks as well as using digital clocks and telling the time using 24 hour clock. We will be applying what has been taught to problem solving activities too.


Children are encouraged to work on their Maths Passports at home to help them refine their speed and fluency of mathematical facts.


In English this week,

The children will be learning about Tales from other cultures. We will be comparing and contrasting elements of stories that the children know to new stories using subordinating conjunctions. We will also be learning comprehension skills of retrieval and inference using these texts. This week we will be reading Snow White in New York.


We have been promoting reading at home – each class has a weekly reading challenge to encourage them to read to an adult at home. We have also been reading books by our Author of the Month – Dick King Smith!


In IPC this week

Our IPC unit this half term is 'Saving the World!'

We will be looking at the following over the next few weeks:

* The different layers of the rainforest and what animals live there.

*People who live in the rainforest.

*Animals and plants that grow and live in the rainforest.


You can help your child... 

By listening to your child read, helping them to learn their weekly spellings and complete their learning logs. Please can you also make sure that the children’s school uniform and PE kit is clearly labelled.


MyMaths: The children will be given personal log in details to access their learning online. They will have the chance to log on to MyMaths during their ICT lessons but please encourage them to complete some of the tasks at home.


Learning logs: Our new style of Learning Log has been sent home with the children this week. This is due to be handed in on Thursday. The children are to produce 1 page only on the letter 'C'

Some ideas for inspiration are:







*Compass points