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Values and Ethos


To provide the foundation for the pupil’s intellectual, emotional, physical, social, moral and spiritual development enabling them to achieve their full potential so that they can take their place as life long learners in a globalised world


The ideals, which underpin the practice and ethos of the school. Our six Rs for learning




I can stick at something

I can work well in a team

I can set targets and practise

I plan ahead

I have a positive attitude

I get on with it

I find interest in what I am doing

I know right from wrong

I use different approaches to learning

I consider other people’s feelings

I don’t give up easily

I can pack my own school bag

I can manage my own feelings

I understand the importance of learning

I use the ‘can do’ approach

I am a good role model

I know what to do when ‘stuck’

I know my own strengths and weaknesses





I am eager to learn

I can apply learning in lots of different ways

I am curious about learning and life

I use my imagination

I have self-belief

I take risks

I am confident

I ask good questions

I am willing to take risks

I speak in full sentences

I like to talk about learning

I explain myself well

I can set myself goals

I am flexible


I enjoy learning from others


I find and use information using many sources





I learn from my mistakes

I respect myself and I am positive

I listen to different opinions

I am polite and show good manners

I ask questions e.g. when, where, how & why

I am considerate and helpful towards others

I stay calm

I value other people’s opinions and beliefs

I practise my learning skills

I value other cultures celebrating differences

I think about how I can do things differently to improve

I respect other people’s property and belongings

I can make connections between subjects